Many people who host special events will make use of equipment rentals for everything from tables and chairs to dishware, lighting elements and more. Special event rentals are typically finalized with your signature on a rental contract. While you may want to rush through the signing process so that you can enjoy the relief of having one more item crossed off of your event planning to-do list, take a moment to thoroughly read through the contract clause by clause. Doing so can help to ensure that you are not unpleasantly surprised later by verbiage in the contract.

Orange Light Square 1  Review the Rental Dates

One of the first things you should review when skimming through a special events rental contract is the effective dates. The contract will clearly spell out the window of time when the products can be picked up as well as the return window. If the items will be delivered and picked up, the timing details and special requirements for the delivery and pick-up will also be clearly spelled out in the contract. Ensure that you have enough time in your event planning schedule to work with the rental dates and times provided. Now is the time to negotiate these terms.

Orange Light Square 2  Look for an Itemization of the Equipment

The importance of reading through an itemization of the equipment cannot be stressed enough. Mistakes can be made in the listing of equipment, and your diligence in reviewing the list now will help you to avoid stressful situations on the day of your special event. Ensure that the sizes, colors and quantities of each item are correct, and verify that all of the items you want to rent are included in the contract. Your vendor will review this list when preparing your items for delivery or pickup on your big day, so this list must be perfect.

Orange Light Square 3  Focus on the Damage or Loss Clause

Renting items always comes with the possibility that these items will get lost or damaged in some way, and the contract may hold you financially liable for their replacement or repair. Carefully read through the damage and loss clause in the contract to determine your financial liability for these items. It may be helpful to review the condition of the items that are delivered or provided to you on the day of the event to avoid being charged for damages you are not responsible for.

Special events rentals make it easier to pull off a fabulous event, but things can and do happen with rentals that can cause unnecessary stress. By reading through the contract closely before you sign it, you can prevent unpleasant situations related to your rentals. For those of you interested, you can learn more information at

What to Look For in Your Special Event Rentals Contract

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