The decision about which type of industrial door to invest in for your facility is not a matter to take lightly. The door will greatly impact your budget and finances, but it also plays other critical roles. For example, it affects functionality in your operations, aesthetics and even energy efficiency. Security is a top concern in many commercial environments, and you may be able to adjust your industrial door buying decision to promote optimal security in your facility. As you compare the many options available, consider these two important factors related to security so that you make a decision that enhances your property security as much as possible.

The Door Material
The material that your door is made out of will directly affect property security. Wood, aluminum and even fiberglass are common materials that are used on commercial doors, but they are not as protective and secure as steel. Steel is a metal alloy that is known for its heavy weight and durability. It is difficult for others to break into, and it can even intimidate criminals from attempting a break-in altogether. Because steel is so heavy, however, it is not always the best option to consider. For example, the weight can strain an automatic door opener. Your need for a top security facility should be factored against the downsides associated with the weight of steel to help you make a better decision. You can find more info at the Wilcox Door Service Inc. website.

The Locking Mechanisms
Both the type of material that is used in the locking mechanisms and the type of lock installed on the door will impact security. Iron and steel are available for use as lock materials, and they are preferred over aluminum and other lighter weight metals. In addition, you should avoid a single cylinder locking mechanism. Instead, opt for a multi-cylinder locking mechanism. You can even install a vault lock or other feature to the door for added security. Keep in mind that the security can further be enhanced through the addition of a pass code or fingerprint scan entry system.

In some commercial environments, security is critical. The industrial door that you choose to install on your building will play a critical role in security, and you may need to focus on multiple factors to make the best buying decision possible. As you can see, the door material and locking mechanisms used are both critical elements that affect property security. The cost of each of these components should be taken into consideration. Some people may choose to purchase a more affordable door material, such as fiberglass, and use it with more advanced locking mechanisms. Consider all of the options to maximize security on your property.

The Best Industrial Door Materials to Use for Enhanced Property Security

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