When faced with the prospect of escaping poverty, a great deal of advice is rather useless. Suggestions to buy in bulk, for example, cannot apply when there is not money to make a bulk purchase! Also, admonitions to work harder do not add up either, as many people who are focused on escaping poverty already work incredibly hard. Instead, one of the best ways to escape poverty is to acquire new skills.

Luckily, the tools to acquire many new skills are available online for free!


Canada is multilingual at its core, built on both Anglophone and Francophone cultures. Beyond that, it boasts some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, ranging from Toronto to Vancouver. Anyone who can learn another language is well on their way to escaping poverty. A number of resources exist to efficiently teach languages for free online. As one might expect, Canada’s two official languages are among the most frequently featured for instruction. Because of this, students can quickly gain conversational abilities and earning potential. Want even more of an edge? Consider learning Spanish or Italian, both of which boast more than half a million speakers in Canada.


While spoken languages are not always the most marketable skill, depending on geography, the ability to code is useful for anyone with an internet connection. Again, there is an app for that, or in this case, several apps! A number of online code schools offer free courses that cover enough material to help would-be developers build their own portfolios are start earning the type of money that makes escaping poverty possible. From basic courses in web design with HTML and CSS to courses in full languages like Python or Ruby, there is no limit to the amount of money that can be made from learning these skills. Coupled with the ability to accept work from around the world, this presents an excellent route to make more money with an investment of only time.

Graphic Design

Finally, those with a bit more of an inclination to a right-brain way of thinking may find graphic design to be a more approachable skill to learn. In the past, establishing oneself as a graphic designer required a significant investment in software. Today, a number of graphic design sites allow people to create professional designs for free, then sell them to customers. Coupled with a sites that allow individuals to market their goods for free, this can represent an attractive route to escaping poverty for anyone with access to a public library.

Given that there are only so many hours in a day and that individuals seeking to escape poverty are hard pressed during those hours, making the most of spare time by acquiring new skills represents a great way to lift oneself up out of destitution. If you would like to learn more, the Christian Blind Mission website is a helpful source for information.

Acquiring New Skills Online to Escape Poverty

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